About Gymtitans

Gymtitans was established and created in 2017 by Shazaad Badil, a creative designer by trade with a keen interest in fitness. The idea came across when one evening when Shazaad was eating dinner with he's brothers discussing random topics about fitness, bodybuilding, games, movies… and then it suddenly hit him, Gymtitans was born.
With he's creative background and a love for fitness, He decided to combine the both to create a unique brand for champions that offer quality, price and trend.
No matter what your health, fitness or lifestyle goals may be, our gym wear brand will help you achieve your goal in style. 
Our gym wear brand includes t-shirts, tank tops, sports bras, leggings and caps and we plan to push the boundaries of gym clothing with on-going expanding range. 
We live by our motto, Feel your wrath, unleash your titan